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Flute Exercises Vol. 1 (English Version)

Composer: Henrik Svitzer

Instrument: Flute Exercise Book

Level: Intermediate

Published: 2011

Price: €26.00

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    • This exercise book is the fruit of many years of research and experience during my life and based on the principle that the professional flutist of today has only a limited time each day to devote to his instrument. I have tried to collect the most necessary exercises for the flutist so it will be easier to stay in shape and keep a good form without having 10 different books. It’s my hope and purposes that these exercises will help the flutist feel more confident with the instrument and to reach good results and success. The exercises are also made for love to the flute playing. 

      Part one; the exercises focus on the tone development, dynamics, intonation, vibrato, harmonics, attacks, equalizing, dynamic, scales, articulations, chords and how to open your flute sound.

      Tone Development, Harmonics, Intonation, Attacks, Equalizing, Vibrato, Dynamic, Scales, Breath, Articulations and Chords.

  • Instrumentation +
    • Flute excercise book

  • About the composer +
    • Flute Professor at the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music. 
      Became Creative Associate at the Center for Creative and Performing Arts at the State University of New York and had his debut at Carnegie Hall 1986. Former principal flutist at the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra and at the Royal Danish Orchestra and has received many prizes from international competitions.

      He has a huge international soloist career and recorded many CD’s, radio and TV programs in Japan, USA, and Europe and is a Project leader of “musical dialogue Ukraine - Denmark”. He is also a jury member of many internationals competitions and co-director of the Publishing House Edition SVITZER.  He has given many international master classes worldwide.

  • Reviews +
    • "This is an excellent collection of flute exercises, which provides an interesting alternative to some of the more well-known volumes on the market. Svitzer includes a variation on the standard tone exercise which includes the consideration of vibrato and harmonics exercises which pay particular attention to the development of good intonation. There is a section on finger technique using a range of articulations which focuses on scale and arpeggio patterns, and the foreword includes some interesting notes and practice tips. The music is well presented with clear print and good quality paper, and the nature of the material makes it suitable for a range of playing standards". 

      Carla Rees,
      FLUTE Journal of the British flute Society                          (No. 2 / 2012)


      "Henrik Svitzer is flute professor at the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music and former principal flutist at the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra. These are a welcome additions to the already rich repertoire of scale and technique books. The choice of exercises is guided by the principle that professional flutists have a limited time each day to devote to such exercises and thus are made “for the love of flute playing.” Exercises are complimented at the beginning of the text with concise directions that focus on the idea of a free, open sound, constant airstream, relaxation and a vocal approach. Dynamics are often suggested in a most musical fashion. Part I includes exercises for tone and intonation using natural harmonics and intermixing intonation in dynamics with harmonics. Other exercises focus on evenness, equality and intonation in all three octaves, relaxing the lips, staccato and attacks, scales, chords by Reichert, chords with three notes, four notes or seven notes and opening the sound. Part II includes inventive and different five and six tone exercises, chromatic exercises, whole tone and octave and chord exercises, including an exercise based on the Gaubert Nocturne and Allegro Scherzando. Familiar, but with new twists, and published on high-quality paper in an attractive format, I found myself wanting to practice these exercises. ($40.95 (Part I); Edition Svitzer,www.editionsvitzer.com)" 
      Flute Talk

      I am very pleased to present this splendid work done for all of us by Henrik Svitzer. Each note, each exercise is a reflection of a great knowledge and experience for the flutist.   Finally a work book where music and art are closely intertwined and where it is shown that the one and the other are interdependent and mutually reinforcing as yin and yang.  Thank you dear Henrik help us to improve ourselves and to share your great experience.  Long live these exercises! 

      Pierre-Yves Artaud

  • Credits +
    • Front cover artist: Gaia Gomes
      Engraving: Henrik Svitzer
      Copyright © Edition Svitzer 
      Printed in Copenhagen, Denmark