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Nordisk Suite

Composer: Jonas Ervolder Bové

Instrument: Marimba and Flute

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Published: 2020

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  • Description +
    • Duration: 13 min.
      Performing artists: Jonas Ervolder Bové, marimba and Camille Guenot, flute


      Nordisk Suite (2016) is inspired by the glasslike melancholy that can be found in the Nordic folk tone. The work is meant to be perceived as three songs for flute and marimba, which is reflected in the structure of the movements as well as in the fact that the melody is always front and center. 

      The first movement is a continuous stream of notes in both instruments, like beads on a string. 

      The second movement is a sad and longing song like that from a lone shepherd on a mountainside. In the middle of the movement the flute starts to soar over a sea of gently rolling waves in the marimba. 

      The last movement is a playful and energetic dance that utilizes displacing the melodic phrases across the sense of pulse. 

      Jonas Ervolder Bové

      With support from Koda’s Cultural Funds.

  • Instrumentation +
    • Marimba and flute

  • Watch+
    • Performed by Jonas Ervolder Bové, marimba and Camille Guenot, flute

  • About the composer +
    • Jonas Ervolder Bové is a percussionist, composer, singer, songwriter, and multi instrumentalist. 

      He studied percussion at the academy of music in Odense, Denmark, and has been a percussionist with the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra since 2014. 

      Jonas’ music attempts to reflect the various genres and musical inspirations that have shaped and affected him throughout his life, and seeks to blur the lines between popular/classical, contemporary/traditional, and catchy/edgy.

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    • Front Cover graphics and layout: Ronni Kot Wenzell
      Engraving: CPH Engraving
      Printed in Copenhagen, Denmark
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