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Accordion Concerto No. 1

Composer: Branko Djordjevic

Instrument: Accordion and Orchestra

Level: Advanced

Published: 2010

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    • Duration: 19 min.

      Performing artists:
      Orchestra: Odense Symphony Orchestra
      Conductor: Simon Gaudenz 
      Accordion Soloist: Branko Djordjevic

      The Accordion Concerto No.1 was commissioned by "The Carl Nielsen Festival 2010",where the composer was "Artist in Residence".

      The main idea of this concerto was to unite my two main paths as a musician: the classical side and the folk side.

      The opening is quite characteristic and classical (just to point out that we are in a concert hall). The comfort of this opening gets spoiled by an unpredictable accordeon cadence in 5/8 metre. This leads to the orchestral theme, which is basically a variation of the main theme, but rather in 9/8 meter, and which in itself serves as a preparation for the folk-like character of the 3rd movement.

      The second movement represents a symbolic fusion of the two musical worlds, in other words a harmony of my musical duality (the classical theme in the orchestra versus the jazz-/folk-like improvisation of the soloist).

      The third movement is one big folk-music party with a light and forward-leaning character (comparing with the 5/8 and 9/8 part in the first movement). It is restless and urging forward all the time.

      For anyone who wants to perform this piece: It should be played quite freely as regards to tempo, dynamics and articulation marks. To perform it as convincingly as possible, one should believe in and stick to one´s own conception of it.

  • Instrumentation +
    • Accordion & Orchestra

  • Reviews +

    • Quotes from the world premiere June 9th 2010 at
      Odense Concerthall, "Carl Nielsen Hall", Denmark:

      Hanne Bramsen Buhl, piano lecturer,
      Carl Nielsen Academy of Music, Odense

      ”A concert, which in its intimacy and beauty touched all of us. Branko emerges as nothing less than a divinely musician with unlimited access to the essence of music.”

      Jytte von Rüden, accordeon associate professor
      Academy of Music and Music Communication

      "Phenomenal world premiere of the composer himself, who really manage to "play" with the work exciting rhythms and virtuosity. A concert that deserves to get on the accordion repertoire list."

      Finn Schumacker, managing director
      Odense Symphony Orchestra

      "Especially I was pleased by the premiere of his accordion concert where Branko both as soloist and composer was able to show his great personality as an artist."

      John Christiansen, reviewer
      The Jutland Post

      "Diversity, vitality and originality characterized the concert… The 2nd movement was a lyrical tribute to Nielsen…"

      Simon Gaudenz, chief conductor & music director
      Collegium Musicum in Basel

      "It was a great pleasure to conduct the Accordion Concerto No. 1 of Branko Djordjevic. The music describes the virtuosity and natural musicality of Branko."

      Bjarne Hansen, concert master
      Odense Symphony Orchestra

      "It's fantastic to work with him. He is a great musician, able to combine different music styles in a very interesting way and can play within the styles in the most convincing way. Tremendous musicality! Music lives within him!"

  • Credits +
    • Front Cover graphics and layout: Ronni Kot Wenzell
      Translation: Branko Djordjevic/Ian van Rensburg
      Engraving: Branko Djordjevic/Johan Svitzer
      Printed in Copenhagen, Denmark
      Copyright © Edition Svitzer

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